Enabling kids to learn basic creation skills:

Project Lead: K. L. Mamnani and Praveen Mamnani
Local Sponsor & Lead: Mr. K. L. Mamnani, Mr. Soni, Mr. Manoj Chablani
Project Start Date: August 2007
Project Duration/Type: One Day
Project Description: We take for granted the fundamental human skills and tend to forget the complexity of our brains and how it enables us to think, act & create. In Indore, MP, Chirag volunteers visited kids who have extremely low IQ and struggle to even fold a piece of paper. We were told that many of these kids may never improve their IQ and stay mentally challenged forever. Chirag donated lots of paper and glue, so they can be taught how to make envelops. These basic mechanic skills would enable them to make a living as they grow up.

Chirag volunteers spent time with these kids and their teacher to begin a program in the school that would allow these kids to learn envelop creation and compete on max # of envelops created by a group of kids. There were a total of 30+ kids in this instituion. Chirag also took the opportunity to donate an afternoon snack meal for these kids.

Total Cost of Sponsorship: $40 (initial donation)
Deliverables: Supplies for Envelop creation