Sponsorship of Speech Therapist at V-Excel

Project Lead:Mahesh Narasimhan
Local Sponsor & Lead: Ajita , Administrive Director, V-Excel
Project Start Date:Jan 2004
Project Duration: Six months
Project Description: Providing Speech Therapists for the disabled at V-Excel
Chirag sponsored a speech therapist at V-Excel for six months with a contribution of $100/month from January 2004 to June 2004 . The total cost of this project was $600. This was the first project of Chirag and was very successful.
Deliverables: Speech Training for Autism
Total Cost of Sponsorship: US $600
Project Status: COMPLETE

Ajita, V-Excel’s Administrative Director and our local sponsor said
Things are really going very fine on this front and the outcomes are visible for all to see. The special children at our school are at different levels in terms of their speech and hence have an individualized plan for progress. Use of computer is further aiding this process.
She went onto explain this further…

Nitesh, Sharan, Amrit etc. who are non-verbals, have slowly started trying to mouth words, especially the ‘p’,’bh’ kind of words. This is a major achievement as they are autistic children who have overall communication disorders. WithAbhishek and Akshaya too, there is an upgradation from merely making some sounds, to making some single meaningful words. Aditya and Ali who may not be able to produce output in language terms are being taught some standard signs that will help them eventually get some message across. In such instances, parents need to be involved in understanding and practicing it at home too. Dipta and Shilpa are from those few who can use single words, but cannot string them as sentences. These little girls are now trying to make two-three word sentences, which are of relevance. Varun, has now started attempting some English words, which he was doing at all earlier. Gayatri, one of our students who has good language skill but cannot comprehend what it means (repeats mindlessly) is getting trained to talk only sentences that are appropriate.

Further, she said There are many more different cases, but thought will give you some examples. This will give you a glimpse of how the whole exercise is not confined to speech alone, but extending at times to ensuring ‘communication’, something that many of these children lack. The benefit that they will derive in the long run is immense and we are really happy to be able to offer this service to them, thanks to your continuous support.

Here is what Prakash Natrajan, one of the founders of V-Excel had to sayabout this project:
We now have a full-time speech therapist, John Murugaselvam, at V-Excel. Mr. Murugaselvam divides his time training our teacher-trainees in speech therapy and, more importantly, working directly with the children. He serves 14 children on a daily basis, and, in addition, 17 children on a bi-weekly schedule. His current monthly compensation is Rs. 8,000, of which, Rs. 5,000 ($110) is the split assigned to his direct efforts with the children. His input and his contribution are simply invaluable.