Wheelchairs/Tricycles Distribution

Tricycles :  2018 Target for 100 Tricycles is now  Completed 

Our Mission: Chirag mainly caters to those with special needs and disabilities. We intend to use the funds to donate one-hundred tricycles to disabled children, allowing them to experience the exquisiteness of mobility, through a safe and protective method.

Our Vision: On average, a tricycle costs $110. In order to be able to donate one-hundred tricycles, Chirag would need to raise $11,000. By receiving funds from several generous donors, Chirag would be able to accomodate the needs of those who have a story to tell.

How to Contribute: Chirag is accepting funds from anyone who would like to support this cause. In order to start donating, the benefactor must fill up the application below. Once your application has been submitted, the Chirag Local Committee will review and approve your application.

Project Lead : Mrudula Athuluri

Team : Gurram Jyothi Kiran , Lagadapati Ramesh

Youth Volunteers : Arnav Bajjuri, Ashvik Sai Bajjuri

Each Tricycle cost would be $110 ( 7200 INR Approximately )

Total TriCycle : 100

Total Cost : $11000

Phase – 1  – Completed 

We have successfully executed  Phase – 1 of the project on Aug 2nd 2018 at Kothagudem by distributing 25 Tricycles and 10 Wheel chairs .

Total Cost : $3400

Total TriCycle : 35


Media coverage
Donor Name$Donated AmountNo of Tricycles
Naveen& Mrudula Bajjuri300030
Jyothi Gurram150015
Surendra Gannamaneedi150015
jaijiv prabhakaran2202
Amit shah1101
Abhishek Saddapalli2202
Chandra Sekhara Rao Chitturi2202
Venkat Tadishetty8258
Andy Zichek1101
Matt Thomas50
Lucas Chan1101
Prasanna ponnala110010
Collected as Now10355100
Phase -1 completed(08/02/18) 340035
Phase -2 completed(10/20/18) 340035
Phase -3 completed(12/23/18) 200020