Washington, D.C.

Leadership Team:


President: Naisha Bellam                         Vice President: Aarushi Kariveda


Secretary: Sreyash Sandireddy                Treasurer: Anish Tripuramallu  


Naisha Bellam: A rising 9th grader at CHS

Aarushi Kariveda: A rising 9th grader at UHS

Sreyash Sandireddy:

Anish Tripuramallu:

Varleen Bir:

Aneesh Bellam:

Abhinav Yedla:

Pranathi Charasala:

Pradham Charasala:

Sriman Sandireddy:

Nikhita Tripuramallu:

Current Projects (2020-2021):

Project: Aid for Amputees

Project Team: Naisha and Team

Project Description: Provide artificial limbs to special need children

Project Target:  500 Special Need Children

Project Cost: 35000$ (700$ per kid)

Impact: Will enable 500 special need children


Project: NIH Mask Donation

Project Team: Naisha and Team

Project Description:

Project Target:



Project: Mini Libraries

Project Leads: Naisha, Arnav, Aakarsh

Project Team: Naisha Bellam, Arnav Biruduraju, Anish Tripuramallu, Akarsh Kollu, Aneesh Bellam, Nikitha Tripuramallu

Project Description: Started Chirag’s “Caring4Kidz” initiative to spread awareness about lack of educational facilities in rural India, I have also created social media campaigns, reached out to distinct family members, friends and recruited volunteers to raise donations for Mini library project.

Many young kids drop out of schools in India due to social, economic, cultural and geographical conditions. There are many kids in India who love reading. But they can’t afford to buy the books because the prices are very high, or they cannot access public libraries. I believe to change the mindsets of rural India you have to start at school, and with that thought I reached out to my friends, family and neighbors for donations to support Mini Library project along with social media promotions. I was able to raise $20,000 to set up 125 libraries in rural India.

Impact: 132 schools

Project: Backpack Drive

Project Team: Naisha Bellam, Anish Tripuramallu, Nikitha Tripuramallu, Aneesh Bellam, Abhi Yedla

Project Description: Enable underprivileged children to have school supplies during back to school.

Impact: Successfully executed in Montgomery County, MD with 700 backpacks with supplies