Aarushi Kariveda


Project 1: COVID-19 Support for Poor Villagers in Karimnagar, Telangana, India

Project Lead: Aarushi Kariveda

Impact: My family and I raised $300 for COVID-19 support for poor villagers in Karimnagar, Telangana. We donated bags of food and supplies to 85 families who were unemployed because of lockdown. These villagers did not have any money, so they were in a starved and hungry state. These food and supply bags greatly supported these villagers for one month.



Project 2: COVID-19 Support for Veera Brahmendra Orphanage in Karimnagar, Telangana, India

Project Lead: Aarushi Kariveda

Impact: My family and I raised another $300 for COVID-19 to support elderly people living in the Veerbrahmendra Orphanage in Karimnagar, Telangana. We donated materials to around 36 old people to supply them with food and supplies for a little over a month’s time period. Specifically, we donated fruits, such as apples, bananas, oranges. We also donated vegetables, such as tomatoes, onions, etc. Lastly, we donated bags of rice to supply them with full meals. The COVID-19 lockdown has affected the Orphanages donations and the elderly people are starving. We tried to better their health by providing them with good food to keep them strong and healthy.


 Project 3: NIH Children’s Inn Money Donations

Project Lead: Aarushi Kariveda & Naisha Bellam

Impact: Naisha and I hope to raise at least 1,000 dollars to donate to NIH and help the children and families visiting the residents of NIH Children’s Inn during these tough times. These children stay at the Inn because of their severe illnesses. This organization wants to help children be healthy and strong again by giving them treatment. We want to help the visiting families as much as we can by donating money. This money can be used for them to  fund any medicines, equipment, or surgeries that the children need.

GoFundMe Link: https://gf.me/u/x8pb2y