Asha Jyothi Welfare Society

Asha Jyothi Handicapped Welfare Society  started in 1998 in Hauman Junction, A.P., and India in a rented building. The Mission of Asha Jyothi is to provide diverse services for development, education and rehabilitation of the children with physical and mental disabilities. AshaJyothi feels that these abandoned children with disabilities and special needs have the natural right to live in a home the gives them love and affection healthy food decent shelter access to medical and health care facilities not the least is appropriate education. Chirag has  constructed an extended building for them. It will provide shelter for up to 60 children. To learn more about AshaJyothi, please visit –

Project Leads: Mrudula Athuluri
Chirag Youth Lead: Ishitha Vemula
Project Start Date: Dec 2019
Below are some photos from construction in progress