Arnav Biruduraju

Project : Setup Mini Libraries in Rural Places in India by selling Augustblanks notebooks in USA

Impact: Enable 5 schools to have mini libraries

Team Members: Arnav Biruduraju, Aakash Biruduraju, Narendra Indraganti

My friends and I went around many neighborhoods in Fremont, California and sold notebooks to families and used that money to donate to setup mini libraries in  small schools in India.

Project : Organized a fun youth run to raise money for FUSD school so they could buy chrome books (computers)

Impact: Helped students learn computer skills

Team Members: Arnav Biruduraju

I organized  fun youth runs for fitness and to raise money for FUSD schools so they could buy chrome books.

Project : Grimmer School computer lab supplies

Impact: Helped students learn LEGO robotics and new computer languages. They also got new computer supplies.

Team Members: Arnav Biruduraju, Arnav Bajjuri

My friend and I raised money for Grimmer Elementary School so they could have new computer supplies like new LEGO roboticts kits, raspberry pi kits, and we also bought everyday computer supplies.

Project : COVID-19 support for poor children and migrant workers

Impact: Helped poor children and helped 105 migrant worker families during COVID-19 shutdown

Team Members: Arnav Biruduraju

Since the stay at home order did not let us go and interact with people I sent messages to friends and family on email or had video calls online and  persuaded them to donate to a Go Fund website.

I sincerely thank my donors,supporters,and team members who helped me to work on these projects.

If you have any questions or  interested in joining my team please contact me at this email: anb.nerfpower at