Nikhita Tripuramallu

Project : Environment Awareness

Impact : Reduce the use of plastic up to some extent and also provides employment to rural women

Team Members: Anish Tripuramallu, Aneesh Bellam, Naisha Bellam

Project Details: Through Chirag Foundation our team has initiated and led an environmental project to reduce the use of plastic up to some extent. We got the idea for this project during our India trip this summer (2018). We saw plastic lying on the ground and thought about how that was harmful for the environment. We thought about how that plastic could harm animals and that could be avoided if people reused bags more so I felt socially responsible to make some change. We talked to our parents about this and they spoke to Chirag and some local businesses. Chirag approved this project quickly and connected with women empowerment team in Hyderabad that made the jute bags we used for this project.  By using these bags at least some of that plastic can be reduced and the environment would be safer and cleaner. As a project champion, I was inspired to do this because I remembered the videos I saw in school of animals that were killed because of plastic they ate that humans had just thrown away carelessly.

We have raised required funds for the project with the help of family, friends and local business donors (K.N. Gupta Residency, Gannavaram, Andhra Pradesh, India) that helped us to execute this project.

This project was executed in Gannavaram, Andhra Pradesh, India on Aug 11th, 2018, in association with K.N. Gupta Residency and Chirag Foundation, USA.

These jute bags are made by our Sakhyata team in Hyderabad that aims to empower disadvantaged women by providing opportunities for job training and dignified employment

By doing this project two issues are addressed:

  1. Environmental awareness
  2. Women empowerment.

The impact of this project is it eliminated the usage of several thousands of plastic bags, sponsored 1-month employment to 10 poor women, and created a partnership with local business donors.