Leadership Team:

President: Medha Karnati                  Vice President:  Isha Mehrotra

Secretary:  Nidhi Karnati                Treasurer:  TBD

Youth Ambassador: TBD


Medha Karnati: A 7th grader who is going to Willows Preparatory School

Isha Mehrotra: A 6th grader going to Overlake.

Nidhi Karnati: A 4th grader going to Albert Einstein Elementary School.

Current Projects (2020-2021):

Project: Book Drive

Project Lead: Nidhi Karnati

Project Team: Medha Karnati, Isha Mehrotra

Project Description: Conduct a book drive for unprivileged children

Project Target:  250+ books

Impact: 5 village schools will receive enough books to start a mini library.

Future Projects:

Project: School Supply Packs

Project Lead: Medha Karnati

Project Team: Isha Mehrotra, Nidhi Karnati

Project Description: Raise enough money to buy school supplies and backpacks for unprivileged children.

Project Target: 100+ packs

Impact: 1 public village school’s kids will get brand new school supplies along with some extra supplies

Past ProjectS: