•                                              Year-End Member Donation Drive

Dear Chirag Community Members, thank you for your valuable contributions for the last over a decade. As with every year, as we are approaching the last quarter of 2018, Chirag is requesting your support for 2019.

Chirag Story
Founded in 2003 to make a difference in lives of underprivileged children. So far we have supported over 2500 underprivileged children including several special needs and orphans by providing shelters, nutrition and education support. We have very little overhead due to volunteers. 99 cents of every $1 goes to the kids in need.

    Chirag’s 2019 Goals:

  • Improve education and youth leadership
      1. Establish Mini Libraries and Provide School Supplies. Funded 100 schools in 2018 and will target another 120 schools @150$/school.
      2. Prevent girl’s high school dropouts by providing sanitary support in 100 Govt schools @200$/school.
      3. Support youth leadership programs 
  • Enable lives of special needs with nutrition, shelter and assistive technology
    1. Provide the yearly supply of multivitamins to prevent nutrient gaps in 1000 malnourished children @10$/Kid
    2. Provide 100 Tricycles to special need children @100$/Tricycle

Please contribute generously. 50$ per year contribution is recommended. However, you can contribute any amount of your choice.

    • 50$ –  Support 5 malnourished children for a year
    • 100$ –  Provides one Tricycle for special need child
    • 150$ –  Provides one Mini Library (or) 1 Year Educational Supplies
    • 200$ – Sanitary Support to 50 Girl Children
    • 250$ – Education enrichment programs in a school
    • 350$ – Become Chirag Advisory Member  (You need to participate in core team meetings)
  • How to DONATE?
    • Use Donate Button at the Top of this Page
    • (or) Write check to Chirag and mail it to 41197 Saint Anthony Dr, Fremont CA 94539

Please email us at [email protected] with your details
Full Name, Email, Phone (optional), Location (optional)
Suggested School (or) Beneficiary Address/Contact50