Leadership Team:


President: Ojasvi Mudda                                  Vice President:  Sindu Sirigineni


Secretary:  Pranati Prashanth                          Treasurer: Esha Shivakumar


Youth Ambassador: Shasta Mudda                             


Shasta Mudda: A 4th grader at TM School. 

Pranati Prashanth: A rising freshman who is going to EVHS.

Sindu Sirigineni:  A rising freshman who is going to EVHS.

Esha Shivakumar:  A rising freshman who is going to EVHS.

Kaavya Kethani: An elementary school kid at TM School.

Aishwarya Tawade: A rising freshman who is going to EVHS.

Shweta Suresh: A rising freshman who is going to EVHS.

Current Projects (2020-2021):

Project: Book Drive

Project Lead: Ojasvi Mudda: pledged $1,000, raised $1284

Project Team:

  • Shasta Mudda: pledged $500, raised $530
  • Pranati Prashanth: pledged $1,000, raised $200
  • Sindu Sirigineni: pledged $1,000, raised $150
  • Esha Shivakumar: pledged $1,000, raised $130

Project Description

  • Phase 1: Raise $4,500 for 30 mini libraries. ($150 per library) 
    • So far, we have raised $2455 and we have gotten in contact with 8 village schools, and we are executing soon:
      • Beernahalli
      • Tottanahalli
      • Bijinahalli
      • Haarkud: 1 primary and 1 high school
      • Sangaavi
      • Ambalga
      • Meenhabal
  • Phase 2: Supply some books through a book drive to select villages with already established mini libraries.

Project Target: 30 mini libraries, 250+ books

Impact: 30 village schools will receive enough books to start a mini library. 

Future Projects:

Project: Educational Virtual Field Trips

Project Lead: Ojasvi Mudda

Project Team

Project DescriptionPlan educational virtual field trips for underprivileged children to places like Stanford, UC Berkeley, various museums like the Exploratorium and the Children’s Museum so those kids will know about opportunities beyond their villages. 

Project Target:  5 virtual field trips in different languages

Impact:  Rural people will be exposed to opportunities beyond their villages.

Project: Computer Labs

Project Lead: Ojasvi Mudda

Project Team: 

Project Description: Start an initiative for computer labs so underprivileged kids can learn basic computer/internet skills which are needed to help them advance in their lives. With those computer labs, start free online tuition for underprivileged kids

Project Target:  Computer Labs full integration with Mini Libraries

Impact:  Allow underprivileged children in rural areas to learn skills necessary in the 21st Century, which will enable them to succeed in this modern world.

Past Projects: