Hrushikesh Abdas

Project : sold Augustblanks notebooks in USA to raise money for educational supplies for children in india

Impact: Funded educational supplies for students in need

Team Members: Hrushikesh Abdas, Ritvika Abdas

I was able to fundraise and supply multiple kids by selling notebooks within my local communites  in order to supply kids in India with educational supplies. Students who did not have the support necessary to buy educational supplies such as notebooks and writing utensils received this money and supplies to help them on their educational journey.

Project : raising funds for charity foundation based in india

Impact: Helped raise money to support homeless children in India

Team Members: Hrushikesh Abdas, Ritvika Abdas

I was able to raise money in order to support numerous children in India and provide them with opportunities which they did not have before. This money contributed to social and educational aspects of their lives, and exposed them  to activities they have not experienced before. This money came from donations from various sponsors.

Project : Started club to tutor middle school children

Impact: Helped to tutor middle schoolers to prepare them for upcoming tests, or help in areas they were struggling.

Team Members: Hrushikesh Abdas

I was able to create my own club in school to visit local middle schools before going to school, and tutor students and/or help them with homework, as well as assist teachers in teaching their students. I also was able to organize educational activities and projects for students to experience new things and learn about a variety of things.

Project : Raised money for amputees

Impact: Helped raise money to fund amputees with a need for prosthetics.

Team Members: Hrushikesh Abdas, Ritvika Abdas

I helped to gain money through fundraisers in order to support amputees in India with a need for prosthetic legs or arms. This money contributed to supporting over 50 amputees and making sure they received the funding necessary for prosthetics instruments.

I sincerely thank my donors,supporters,and team members who helped me to work on these projects.

If you have any questions or  interested in joining my team please contact me at this email: [email protected]