Leadership Team:


President: Siddharth Nagisetty              Vice President: Anirudh Shankar


Secretary: Aditya Walia                           Treasurer: Aryaman Sehgal




Suchir Nagisetty                 Anushka Walia

Current Projects (2020-2021):

Project: Libraries for a Cause

Project Lead: Siddharth Nagisetty

Project Team: Michigan Youth Chapter

Project Description: Fundraise money to build mini Libraries for underprivileged children in rural areas. We are working in partnership with the Washington D.C. Youth Chapter and the Freemont, CA Youth Chapter.

Project Target:  30 Mini Libraries

Project Cost:  $4,500  (150$ per library)

Impact: 30 rural village schools will receive enough books to start a mini library.