Aid for students at ‘SWPH and RC’ in Pune

Aid for students at ‘SWPH and RC’ in Pune:
Project Lead: Ritu Goyal
Local Sponsor & Lead: Anju Gupta and Abhishek Gupta
Project Start Date: March 2008
Project Duration/Type: Short term/One time
Project Description: The society for the welfare of differently abled persons(physically handicapped), education and research center is a school of disabled kids in Pune. This school is tied to a NGO that provides some aid to the children there and they also get aid from private donors. These kids need more help with various things and Chirag has started a project with the school to asssit them. As a beginning, we have provided a Tricycle to a disabled boy whose name is Devendra Yadav.
We have also provided a commode wheelchair to Poonam Ponam, sewing machine to Jyoti Gaikwad and Fall/Pico machine to Vanita Bhandari and Tai Jadhav.

  • Devendra-Tricycle
  • Poonam-wheelchair
  • Jyoti-Sewing-machine
  • Vanita-Fall-Pico-machine
  • Tai--Fall-Pico-machine

Total Cost of Sponsorship: $425
Deliverables: Tricycle, commode wheelchair and sewing machines

Thank you note from ‘SWPH and RC’.

Receipt for Tricycle, wheelchair and sewing machines from ‘SWPH and RC’ and the vendor.