Chirag Educational Sponsorships 2004-2005

Project Lead: Satish Shenoy
Local Sponsor & Lead: K. R. Shanbhogue (Retd. Banker, Puttur)
Project Start Date:August 2005
Project Duration: Short-Term / One-time
Project Description: A number of students from poor families desperately needed help around Puttur, a town of about 120,000 near Mangalore, India. The kids are from among 2 local schools – B.E.M Higher Primary School and Government Primary School. The parents of these students are road sweepers and construction workers who earn very meagre incomes. Out of the 13 students that need URGENT help, 7 students are completely or partially disabled.
Deliverables:The students lack some of the basic educational amenities – Books, pens & pencils, school uniforms (2 sets), umbrellas, shoes, compass (mathematical instruments) box , etc.
Total Cost of Sponsorship: Rs. 10,000 (approx US $250)
Project Status: COMPLETE – Funding dispersed, Education supplies provided; Further collaborative efforts with organizations such as RCPD, Singapore’s SUPERSEED to support us. With some of the remaining seed money, we got a useful workbench built for Neha – she is delighted that she does not have to painfully squat on the floor for reading and writing in the classroom any more !
Other collaborative efforts/Next Steps: Read Neha’s heart-wrenching story; A proposal has been put forth to RCPD to get Neha some priority, additional support.

Chirag Scholarship Recipients 2005:

Picture of Chirag 2005 scholarship recepients