Chirag Educational Sponsorships 2005-2006

Project Lead: Satish Shenoy
Local Sponsor & Lead: K. R. Shanbhogue (Retd. Banker, Puttur)
Project Start Date:Jan 2006
Project Duration/Type : Short-Term /One-time
Project Description: For this project, we have selected a total of 15 students – this project initially was targeted to support 6 students. It was then expanded to support 9 more students after the Chirag committee assessed the dire needs of the additional students. Schools supported include
5 students – Dr. Shivaram Karanth High School
1 student – Government Pre-University College Mangalore,
6 students from Zilla Panchayat Hr. Primary School , Kemminje
3 students from D.K. Zilla Panchayat Hr.Primary School , Ragikumeri , Puttur.
Ten of these kids are completely or partially disabled and five of them desperately need financial support to continue schooling.
Deliverables:Books, pens & pencils, school uniforms (3 sets), school bags,umbrellas, shoes, compass (mathematical instruments) box, calculators,Oxford English-Kannada Dictionary and World Atlas
Total Cost of Sponsorship: First Round of funding – Rs. 11,250 (approx US $250) + Second Round – Rs. 11,000 (US $250)
Project Status: COMPLETE One round of funding dispersed in January of 2006, Education supplies provided. second round of funding provided in march of 2006, Education supplies provided. Completed the project and documentation by May 2006.
Chirag Scholarship Recipients 2006:

Picture of some Chirag 2006 scholarship recepients