Nutrition Program for Likhitha

Likhitha - receipient of nutrition program
Project Lead:Chandra Ravipati / Satish Shenoy
Local Sponsor & Lead: K R Shanbhogue
Project Start Date: May 2006
Project Duration/Type: 1 year
Project Type: Recurring monthly
Project Description: Likhitha, one of the Chirag educational scholarshiprecepients was diagnosed with heart disorder (small hole in her heart) at birth. Local volunteers of Chirag in Puttur took her to a heart specialist who recommended a nutritional diet for Likhitha to help her overcome the weakness caused by this disorder. Chirag supported a comprehensive nutritional program for Likhitha since early 2006. Per the latest medical reports, we are extremely pleased to report on Likhitha’s progress

Total Cost of Sponsorship: $170
Project Status: In Progress; Exhaustive tests to monitor Likhitha completed Sep 06 – Likhitha making good progress; Doctor recommends the nutrition program be continued; Nutrition program to continue as planned thru June 07; Next set of tests in June 07.